hiip's Fight for Social Mercy

June 01, 2020

For the months of June and July, we will be donating 100% of our profits to ARC, Inc., Advancing Real Change, in Baltimore. ARC promotes justice by ensuring the life histories of people charged with crimes are at the forefront of their cases

Advancing Real Change

ARC advocates for individuals who are facing the most severe punishments available under the law. These clients (primarily adults facing the death penalty or juveniles facing life without parole) are all too often represented by resource-constrained public defenders who do not have the time or ability to adequately uncover their clients' life histories - a critical factor in juries' sentencing decisions. 

Your purchase will support them in three ways:

  1. Client Assistance
  2. Mitigation Training for public defenders and pro bono counsel
  3. General Business Operations

ARC employs best-in-class practices to investigate these life histories to help decision makers inflict fairer, more compassionate sentences. 

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