What Goes Into a Fanny Pack?

What goes into a fanny pack can vary depending on your personal preferences and what you want to use it for. Lucky for you, our hiip fanny packs are versatile, practical, and deceptively spacious, so it can be your sidekick no matter the event!

But of course, there are some essentials the hiip team couldn’t leave the home without. 

💄 Lip Balm: For me, lip balm is number one. If I forget my lip balm, I may have to go home to go get it. A little nuts, I know.Classic Map fanny pack with quarantine essentials

😷  Mask: A new member to the essentials group! Undoubtedly an essential in 2020. Most indoor spaces require it these days, so even if you don’t think you’ll be going indoors, best to carry it in your hiip belt bag just in case!

🧼  Hand Sanitizer: A not-so-distant relative of the mask is not a must, but definitely a really nice-to-have these days!

👛  Wallet: This may not even be an essential anymore with arrivals like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, but I still regularly get carded at the liquor store so I like to have my ID on me!

🔑  Keys: Nothing worse than getting back from a long day or running errands to realize you forgot your keys! Trust me, it’s happened to me my fair share of times 😂 Make sure to have these in your hiip bag always!

🙌  Hand Moisturizer: Same thread as the lip balm, it’s a pet peeve of mine to have dry hands with no moisturizer in sight, so hand moisturizer is critical.

🎶  Headphones: In case the mood strikes, you can have a concert for one and rock out to your favorite tunes walking down the street!

But the thing is, sometimes different activities require an additional set of essentials. We got you covered!

Woman holding a dog and wearing a blue Beach Wave fanny pack at the beach🏖️  Going to the beach? 

You’re going to want your essentials of course, plus your SPF, outdoor portable speaker, and UV protected sunnies. Eye health is no joke! 

🛒  Going to the market?

Grab your reusable grocery bags, perhaps some anti-bacterial wipes for your cart if you’re using one, and maybe your reading glasses if you need (get to know the ingredients in your purchases!).

🍸 Going for dinner and drinks?Woman holding orange Beach Wave fanny pack on dinner table

Transform your hiip fanny pack from day to night by simply sliding out the strap from the back of the bag. Voila! you now have a clutch. For your night on the town, let’s kick things up a notch and pack your favorite lip color, breath mints of choice, and a little extra bling for the evening! 💎

And there you have it! You are all set and ready to seize the day with your hiip fanny pack!

Stay hiip!