Who We Are


Founded in 2011 by Nicole Flowers, hiip is a modern fanny pack company based in San Francisco. That's right, before it became mode du jour, we had an idea to redesign the cult classic belt bag for women to wear with pride; not only because it would be something fun, funky, and fresh but because it gave back.

Here at hiip we've always believed charity begins at home so we decided to make it fashionable, relevant, and just a little bit risky. Not only were our customers on the cusp of the decade's new fashion trend, they gave back with every purchase. With each hiip sold, we donated a kit of basic necessities to someone unhoused in our home city of San Francisco.

hiip original Vegan Leather fanny packWe launched with one goal in mind: to bring together those who "have" and those who "have less" through intentional purchasing and our hiip Handouts. Once a month we partnered with groups like the Salvation Army and Hashtag Lunchbag SF to walk our streets and hand out food and toiletries to people in need while also striking up some deep conversations.

We’ve grown in community and experience over the past nine years and along the way have made thousands of connections with people here in San Francisco and around the globe.

Most recently, we updated our signature belt bag to be more functional and luxurious and are still focused on building the manufacturing sector in San Francisco by being Made in the USA, right here in the City by the Bay with the best locally and US-sourced materials. Each piece of our packaging has also been thoughtfully designed with sustainability in mind and can be recycled curbside.

Though we've pivoted our giving strategy to focus on advocating for female prisoners in our criminal justice system, it's safe to say we're sticking with our two main bottom lines: to make killer, modern fanny packs and to encourage purpose-filled lives where we pursue opportunities to connect with others through our purchasing power.  

Whether for moms or grandmas with a handful of littles using their hiip as a waist pack, sports fans going hands-free to the game, or travelers strapping it on as a handy travel bag with backpack and passport in tow, we want to empower our hiipsters to lead more convenient, intentional, and joy-filled lives! 

You can learn more about our team on our Careers page or, if you have a question for us, jump over to our FAQs or shoot us a note and we'll be in touch within 48 hours. To join our community, sign up for our weekly newsletter and follow us over on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our day to day and check out how hiipsters around the world are sporting their unique fanny pack style.