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We are a small woman-owned business and are made up of our Founder in our San Francisco HQ and a global/virtual team of five creative problem-solvers who are adaptable, proactive, and love taking on the complex new challenges often associated with a small brand. We care deeply about authenticity and belonging in our work and believe the success of one is the success of the team. 

OUR MISSION: To facilitate philanthropic investment in others through purchases of statement fanny packs.

OUR MOTTO: “State boldly. Wear charity. Be hiip.” 

OUR VALUES: Integrity, Loyalty, Authenticity, and Adventure

OUR VALUES in the words of our team:

To us, integrity means to be honest, genuine, and morally sound. Bringing your full, authentic self and working towards a goal for the greater good. It’s always speaking your truth, saying what you mean, and then doing what you say. - Maddie, Growth Marketing

To us, loyalty means a bond relying on deep conviction. It's vital in any area where you want to see long term growth. Continued loyalty to a cause or to a place can mean you get to see real impact over time, and that’s a beautiful thing. - Shelbey, Content Management

To us, authenticity means to be unbendingly real and true to who and what you are no matter what. It means being tethered to your core beliefs and values and acting on them accordingly--out loud without fear or shame. - Brandi, Design

To us, adventure means to live life without abandon, to go towards our goals and dreams ferociously. We also love to experience the world and all it has to offer to holistically influence our empathy and understanding of others. - Nicole, Founder