Our Giving

When hiip started in 2011, we were a one for one company with a fanny pack of basic necessities being hand-delivered to a person in need on the streets of San Francisco with every hiip sold. The team would then invite hiipsters to walk our communities to share love and care to neighbors.

In 2019, Nicole joined the board of Advancing Real Change (ARC), Inc. in Baltimore to support the mission of ensuring life histories of people charged with crimes are at the forefront of their cases. Having direct experience with an incarcerated father, Nicole felt pulled to this work after being on its periphery for about three years. ARC advocates for men on death row as well as juveniles sentenced to die behind bars through sentences of life without parole, oftentimes in adult prisons.

hiip is also a faith-based business and we’re led by our desire to show the love of God to others through our purchasing power and philanthropic involvement. We believe in the dignity and value of every human being and, as we've shifted our internal focus from local streets to the national issue of criminal justice reform and those incarcerated in the United States, we felt it was time to also mirror hiip's giving focus to the heart mission.


In 2020 we'll be launching our updated bags and have pivoted our giving strategy to advocate for women in our criminal justice system. Every hiip purchase supports restorative art workshops for incarcerated women through the work of Prison Fellowship®'s Create: New Beginnings

These workshops focus on expressing feelings of shame, self-doubt, and reconciliation, and forgiveness, offering women an opportunity to acknowledge emotions critical to healing and restoration.

Whether you're browsing for a personal purchase or a gift, we invite you to join us in the adventure to build a better community together and be a personal leader for change in our little corner of the world, one hiip at a time.