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hiip's Global Giving

At hiip, we love focusing our business on how we can make our local community better. After all, it's part of our business model. But as we started to grow, we also wanted to focus more on the global needs of others all around us.

Now, we mean that in two ways. First, going global gives us an opportunity to see what "local" communities are dealing with all over the world. Whether it's shedding light on child slavery and kidnapping in Nigeria, the refugee crisis in Syria, or the foster care system right in America, we want to be global citizens involved in current conversations. We wanted to create one more touchpoint for others to get involved via their purchasing power.

Second, global can also simply mean being outside of our own "project." In other words, we have a heart for the homeless, especially in our hometown of San Francisco, but sometimes we can so fully focus on it, we think it's the only problem plaguing the world today. It's not, but it's a big deal. In fact, many of today's issues have an ending or a beginning in homelessness.

Young women who have run away from home and are living on the street are more susceptible to local sex trafficking. Did you know it's assumed about 50% of foster kids will become homeless when they age out of the system at 18? And some refugees, when resettled to America, are placed in low-income neighborhoods due to financial limitations. This is where the practice of being a good neighbor comes in really handy.

So! You're probably thinking, "And what are you planning to do about it?" Well, we're so glad you asked!

What's more, we want YOU to chime in to give us an idea of what's important to you. Check Facebook or Instagram or sign up for our newsletter (and get 15% off your purchase while you're at it!) to learn more about how you can get involved. Each month this page will highlight a new organization and we encourage you to come back often to learn a (potentially) new perspective on our global community.

Here's to the best living through the greatest giving!

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