Made in the USA

Along with our focus on sustainability, we have historically cut and sewn all hiip fanny packs in our home city of San Francisco. Over the years we've used two local manufacturing houses sourced from SF Made whose mission is to build and support a vibrant manufacturing sector in San Francisco sustaining companies producing locally-made products, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, and creating employment opportunities for a diverse local workforce.

Our hardware, labels, and fabric are also all sourced from companies within the USA, focusing on textiles produced, dyed, and finished in Delaware, Illinois, and Georgia. America has an over 200-year-long tradition in the textile trade (beginning the American Industrial Revolution!) and we desire to support and foster bringing mill jobs back to the country. 

As we look forward and grow our product lines, we may not be able to always manufacture in San Francisco but we will continue to ensure our signature belt bags, hiip Sport, and hiip Man will be made in the USA.

Have questions about our sourcing, cutting, or sewing? Feel free to reach out!