About Nicole

Hi there! I'm Nicole. I love goals, checklists, people, and travel. 

hiip Fanny Pack Founder Nicole Flowers

My life motto is to love people well so they might love others better and my desire in founding hiip was to bring together two seemingly different groups of people: those who "have" and those who have less.

When we started out, we were a direct one for one company with a fanny pack of basic necessities being hand-delivered to a person in need on the street with every hiip sold. The hiip team would then invite hiipsters to walk our communities to share love and care to our neighbors. In pursuing San Francisco's homeless population, I endeavored to facilitate a sense of belonging in my own neighborhood, on my own streets. There is so much beauty to be found in our urban cities if we stop to look around us but more so if we stop to look at those around us. 

As hiip has evolved, my goal for the company is the same: to foster belonging and care for others while offering a belt bag that makes our hiipsters feel confident and offers them a little bit of hands-free ease to their days.

Aside from those usual suspects mentioned above, I love hunting incessantly for the best food in San Francisco, forgetting to play my banjo, and practicing my exceptionally poor coding skills over at nicole.flowers. Should you ever want to get in touch, pop on over and say "hi!" on Twitter.