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Our Story

Welcome to hiip! We're thrilled you stopped by. You're probably here because you wanted to know a bit more about us and our story.

Well, a few years ago we had an idea to design a new, eye-catching, and improved fanny pack that women would wear with pride; not only because it would be something fun, funky, and fresh but because it gave back. Here at hiip we believe charity begins at home so we decided to make it fashionable, relevant, and just a little bit risky. Not only do you get to look great but you get to feel great, too.

For each hiip sold, a kit of basic necessities will be hand-delivered to someone in need on the streets of San Francisco.

We've grown quite a bit since we started out that fateful fall of 2011, in tribe and experience. We still believe offering a few basic necessities to the homeless community gives us a chance to get to know them a bit better. We also believe full-heartedly in building the manufacturing sector in San Francisco and are committed to making every new collection better than the one before with the best locally and US-sourced materials. 

With all that said, it's safe to say we're sticking with our two main bottom lines: to make killer modern fanny packs and to encourage purpose-filled lives where we pursue opportunities to connect with others. We hope through our involvement with the homeless population, we will impact our cities for good, encouraging others to join in the movement by our actions. 

Want to join with us as we continue to learn how to better look people in the eye; smile at passers-by; acknowledge someone we've not noticed before; and change our communities, our cities, and our world one hiip at a time? We'd love to have you! The hiip Handout is the nuts and bolts of hiip and it's why we do what we do. Please drop us a line via our Connect page and we'll get you plugged in ASAP.

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